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About Architecture-in-Development (A--D)

AArchitecture-in-Development is a global platform connecting 60,000+ architectural professionals who are actively exploring new meanings and opportunities in architecture. We offer an infrastructure to connect self-built communities, architects and companies so that they can collaborate on sustainable projects that otherwise would not have been realised. We organise periodical Global Challenge programs to advocate and facilitate this new practice, on our own terms 'Do-It-Together' (DIT) architecture.

Architecture-in-Development is led by Changfang Luo and Rob Breed. We are two architects who are challenging the business as usual. After seeing our discipline limit itself to serve a small part of the world, we launched our first platform in 2011 to foster a new practice that put architecture into the hands of many, not just the privileged few.

Now entering into its 10 years anniversary, Architecture-in-Development has rebranded as A--D with a revamped website. The new website hosts A--D’s Global Challenge program, features the best practices and helps match needs with offers in a new Do-It-Together Architecture practice.